Index Data Set to Attend BiblioCon 2024 in Hamburg, Germany

Index Data is excited to attend BiblioCon in Hamburg, showcasing FOLIO and ReShare systems to enhance library services and connectivity.

Sebastian Hammer delivers keynote at Minitex Connect 2024

From Minitex’s website Minitex is excited to host Sebastian Hammer at our first in-person Minitex Connect conference on May 14, 2024. Sebastian is the co-founder and president of Index Data, an international software company that develops innovative products and tools for the library ecosystem.  In 2018, Sebastian helped launch Project ReShare, which is an open […]

Meet ReShare Implementers at the Charleston Conference

Project ReShare is hosting a reception during the Charleston Conference on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Meet the ReShare implementers for a social mixer, celebration, bowling, and arcade games. Please let us know you are coming by signing up on EventBrite. The reception will be at The Alley, 131 Columbus Street in […]

Sebastian to Present Share-VDE Collaboration Update at BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe

At the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe, Index Data’s Sebastian Hammer will be giving an update on our collaboration with @CULT and Casalini Libri to build integrations between the Share-VDE platform and the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The integration between these systems will offer FOLIO libraries a model for collaborative bibliographic description based on managing BIBFRAME-based entities, not textual descriptions buried in a local MARC […]

Community, not Code, is the True Heart of Open Source

thoughts from Sebastian Hammer, co-founder and president of Index Data. Of all the many kinds of “Open” that populate the library landscape, Open Source is perhaps the one that is subject to the most conflicting stories about precisely what it means and why (and whether) it is important. There are, of course, legitimate differences of […]

Infrastructure for a Bibliographic Network

In the quarter of a century that Index Data has been providing software solutions to libraries, one of the most common tasks we are asked to do is aggregate the holdings of groups of libraries, and among our bag of tricks is software that builds unified catalogs (Zebra) and federated search catalogs (MasterKey).  As is […]

Controlled Digital Lending

Last week, I attended the 2018 Open Libraries Forum at the Internet Archive’s remarkable headquarters in San Francisco. The focus of the Forum was twofold: to learn firsthand from some of the authors of the newly-minted position statement on controlled digital lending (CDL), and to help provide input for the Archive on their own Digital […]

Reflections on the European BIBFRAME Workshop

Attending the European BIBFRAME Workshop in Florence, Italy, was a great way to wrap up my first month with Index Data — and it wasn’t just about the hills, art, and food. The workshop proved to be an excellent introduction to the BIBFRAME community and the variety of exciting initiatives taking place around the globe. […]

Machine learning in libraries: profiling research projects rather than people

Machine learning in libraries, as in many other contexts, will often rely on data about people and their activities. Data in a library system can be made available for use with machine learning algorithms to develop predictive models, which have the potential to help patrons in their research. Of course, the data might also be […]