Seeking a DevOps Systems Engineer

Index Data is seeking a talented, experienced library technology veteran to fill the role of DevOps Systems Engineer. We are a software and services company delivering solutions for the future of libraries. Founded in 1994, Index Data is a global, highly talented, distributed team of diverse, fun, interesting and accomplished people. As a virtual organization, we pull the team together at least once a year, whether it’s Vienna, Chicago, Miami or Copenhagen, and enjoy a strong history of enthusiastic collaboration amongst our team and with wider communities. Index Data is a leading force in the development of the FOLIO and ReShare products as well as LDP and is a contributor and registered service provider for VuFind®. We are active in all these communities and have been delivering Open Source software for over 30 years. 

As a DevOps Systems Engineer, you’ll divide your time between supporting the AWS infrastructure our customers’ solutions run in and helping create and support our VuFind deployments, including contributing development to the community. This is the perfect opportunity to blend your library experience with state-of-the-art cloud environments, tools, and workflows.

We are looking for someone who has that special blend of library data experience and system administration/cloud management expertise. In addition to strong communication skills, the ideal candidate would have the following: 

  • Experience supporting Libraries. Specifically:
    • Extending and supporting VuFind (PHP) development and deployments 
    • Processing and transforming data, including extensive knowledge and experience with MARC
    • Working with Library standard protocols (NCIP, SIP2, Z39.50, OAI-PMH)
  • Experience with System (Linux) Administration and DevOps, like:
    • SCM – Git/GitHub
    • CI/CD – Jenkins, GitHub Actions 
    • Infrastructure Automation – DevOps patterns with Ansible (which we use, but concepts from Puppet and Chef can transfer)
    • Containers and Orchestration – Kubernetes/ECS, Docker, Flux, Rancher
    • Security — SSO, SAML, Shibboleth, LDAP, OAUTH
    • AWS – EC2, RDS, MSK, Cloudwatch, OpenSearch, RedShift, Multiple AZs/Multi-region concerns 
  • Other experience that would be great:
    • Programming in languages like JS, Python, Ruby, Perl, SQL
    • DBA – particularly PostgreSQL
    • General Application Administration (users, groups, application settings, licensing, etc.) for Slack/Github/Confluence/JIRA

If you are passionate about Open Source Software, the future of libraries and the software development and technology, consider joining Index Data. We offer a competitive benefits package, work from home flexibility and have a really great team.  

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to