Modularity in FOLIO — describing the architectural vision of the library services platform

Earlier this month, the International Journal of Librarianship published a special issue on the FOLIO project.  Logo for the International Journal of LibrarianshipIndex Data’s own Mike Tayor wrote the feature article on Modularity in FOLIO: Principles, Techniques, and Tools.  Mike worked on the FOLIO project from its inception, and in this article he describes the purpose behind the early architectural decisions.  What makes FOLIO so exciting is its design that anticipates a marketplace of apps on the platform.  With its focus on well-defined, versioned APIs between modules, individual teams create apps on the platform that both interoperate with each other and guard against inadvertent data corruption.  The design choices are not without consequences, though, and Mike’s close-up and honest analysis of the challenges and the potential solutions give an in-depth picture of where FOLIO is going.

In addition to Mike’s article, the issue also includes these articles about the FOLIO project: