TRLN Successfully Launches ReShare With Hosting From Index Data


Index Data, a leading provider of innovative library software solutions, is pleased to announce the successful launch of ReShare hosting for the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN). ReShare, the open source resource sharing system, offers TRLN libraries a modern, customizable, and efficient platform for seamless resource sharing among their esteemed institutions.

TRLN, a consortium of leading academic libraries in central North Carolina, has partnered with Index Data as the trusted hosting provider for ReShare. Leveraging Index Data’s robust infrastructure and expertise in open source technologies, TRLN libraries now have access to a reliable and scalable open source hosting solution for their resource sharing needs.

ReShare reimagines resource sharing workflows, enabling libraries to enhance efficiency, improve patron experiences, and streamline interlibrary loan processes. Based on ISO 18626 messaging and with its comprehensive features supporting the full lifecycle of resource sharing activities, ReShare empowers TRLN libraries to seamlessly request, borrow, lend, and manage materials, fostering a collaborative network for information access and sharing.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of ReShare hosting for TRLN,” said Lynn Bailey, CEO of Index Data. “ReShare exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and collaborative solutions to libraries. We are proud to support TRLN libraries in their resource sharing endeavors, empowering them to provide exceptional services to their scholarly communities.”

Index Data’s hosting services for ReShare encompass robust infrastructure, security measures, regular system updates, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for TRLN libraries and their users. By entrusting the hosting and technical aspects to Index Data, TRLN libraries can focus on delivering superior library services and facilitating scholarly research and collaboration.

“We are delighted to partner with Index Data for ReShare hosting,” said Lisa Croucher, TRLN Executive Director. “The successful launch of ReShare marks an important milestone for TRLN libraries in fostering collaboration and seamless resource sharing. With Index Data’s expertise and reliable hosting services, we can further enhance information access and support the scholarly pursuits of our member institutions.”
Index Data’s ReShare hosting services are designed to accommodate the unique needs and workflows of TRLN libraries, facilitating efficient resource sharing and fostering collaborative partnerships within the consortium. TRLN is Index Data’s fourth installation of ReShare following PALCI (2021), ConnectNY (2021), and IPLC (2022).