University of Colorado Boulder Completes Migration to FOLIO Hosted by Index Data


Index Data, a leading provider of innovative library software solutions, is pleased to announce that the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) is live on FOLIO, hosted by Index Data. 

CU Boulder’s partnership with Index Data began with the task of handling the data migration to a self-hosted FOLIO but eventually expanded to include full implementation services as well as hosting by Index Data. The project included the University’s migration from Sierra as well as the Law School’s migration from Millennium. The partnership’s growth exemplifies the trust that Index Data engendered with its customers. 

“We are excited to see the University of Colorado go live. We’ve worked closely with them for several months,” said Mike Gorrell, Managing Director at Index Data. “They are a very large and complex institution, and we’re happy that our services and the FOLIO platform have been a good fit for their needs.” 

Jamie Wittenberg, Assistant Dean for Research & Innovation Strategies and Senior Fellow, Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship, University Libraries at the University of Colorado at Boulder, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to providing our community with innovative and user-centric library services. FOLIO’s open-source approach aligns perfectly with our vision, allowing us to leverage the expertise of Index Data and the broader FOLIO community to create a truly customized and forward-thinking library system.”

FOLIO aims to revolutionize library software through a collaborative effort involving libraries, developers, and vendors. It represents a paradigm shift from traditional library management systems, offering an open platform where apps can be built, providing libraries with more choices and delivering innovative services to users. The FOLIO platform encompasses core functionalities found in current library management systems and is designed to be extensible, enabling libraries to adapt and meet evolving needs. 

About Index Data

Index Data has been delivering open source technology and services to libraries for over 30 years. It has provided FOLIO services, including consulting, development, implementation and hosting, to libraries in the United States, Europe and Australia. Index Data is also the service provider for several consortia running ReShare, and open source Interlibrary Loan software. For more information visit