New Module Advances Configuration Management in FOLIO


Saving an app’s settings is easy to take for granted but can sometimes be complex. Index Data announces the addition of “mod-settings” to the FOLIO Library Services Platform. Mod-settings is a new module that provides a secure way to store and access configuration information. It replaces the existing mod-configuration module, which had a single set of permissions governing access to all configuration entries.

Mod-settings introduces the concept of scope, which is a short machine-readable string composed of letters, digits, underscores, and hyphens. This string defines the context under which the configuration entry is viewed and managed. Each client module defines its own scopes, each with its own pair of permissions for read-only and read/write access to the configuration store. A user can be assigned any combination of permissions, allowing for any granularity of control over who has access to which configuration entries.

The Mod-settings module allows for user-specific settings. This means that each user can have access to their own configuration entries. This capability lays the groundwork for user-specific configuration options, such as default apps, screen layout, and module settings.

Mod-settings is a significant step forward in security and flexibility, and Index Data is excited to offer this new module to the FOLIO community. The FOLIO community’s Technical Council reviewed and approved the inclusion of the module in the Orchid release of the FOLIO LSP.  Index Data encourages developers to take advantage of this new module.

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