With the development of the core FOLIO modules well underway, Index Data staff are thinking about how the FOLIO platform can be extended to new areas of libraries. One example is the Intersection of Repositories with the FOLIO Library Services Platform, a new whitepaper that explores how FOLIO can interface with and extend the functionality of content repositories. Released in time for the Open Repositories 2017 conference in Brisbane, Australia, we welcome thoughts and ideas from the Open Repository community in how these two pieces of software can effectively interact and extend to new areas of library automation.

On June 20, Sebastian Hammer will be presenting at the FOLIO Symposium hosted by La Sapienza University in Rome. Topics include:
– The Platform, The Process, The Product
– EU Community Potential
– Open Source Communities

Join us in Rome to explore the future of library technology!

Index Data is presenting at the 41st European Library Automation Group (ELAG) Systems Seminar in Athens (Greece), June 6 – 9, 2017.

Peter Murray and Jakub Skoczen will be presenting a boot camp for FOLIO Developers: Getting your own FOLIO instance running. In addition, our CEO, Lynn Bailey, will be giving a talk on Rethinking Approaches to Resource Management. If you are at ELAG, please say hello!

Index Data’s Peter Murray will be attending the Open Repositories 2017 Conference in Brisbane, Australia and will join other speakers discussing FOLIO. Explore the development of the FOLIO project with members of the open source community. Learn about goals and deliverables along the product roadmap, platform architecture and design, the concept of an App Store, new services and the microservices-based architecture. Learn about current Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that contribute to specific functional areas of the FOLIO platform and discuss the creation of a regional SIG.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 from 1 PM to 5 PM at the Royal On The Park Hotel, 152 Alice Street. Join librarians, developers and service providers as we explore the future of library technology!