Index Data Introduces Connectors in the Cloud

January, 2013

Index Data has introduced a new service that breaks down the boundaries between library systems and online data sources. Do you have an information source that stubbornly refuses to let itself be integrated into your user portal? Are you frustrated by the lack of standardized APIs to the information sources that you desperately need to access? MasterKey Connect can help.

Lynn Bailey, Index Data’s CEO, explains: “A large amount of information is hidden in the so-called ‘deep web’ – in massive silos that are only inconsistently reached by the major search engines, if at all. MasterKey Connect is intended to unlock this treasure trove, for developers, information architects, and ultimately for users.”

Sebastian Hammer, co-founder and president, elaborates: “In a perfect world, every information source would expose a clean API, to make it easy to build applications and mashups that pull together information and present it to users when and where they need it most. We know that the reality falls far short of this, and the result is poorly integrated services and higher costs. With our MasterKey Connect service, we are leveraging our rich set of tools and our background in standardization to offer a universal access point for almost any data source imaginable. Our API is easy to use, and, because it is based on industry standards, it is compatible with scores of existing applications and tools.”

The solution uses a variety of technologies to access ‘back-end’ information resources – proprietary APIs, standard interfaces, and even ‘screen-scraping’. Access to the service is offered using the SRU webservice API as well as the widely implemented ANSI Z39.50 protocol. Readily available, open source tools make client development for these interfaces straightforward, and many applications in the library domain already support the protocols.

Index Data brings together over 18 years of experience in information retrieval and systems integration to offer this service to developers, service providers, and even individual libraries.

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About Index Data

Index Data is a software development and consulting enterprise headquartered in Copenhagen and the United States, with offices in several countries. They are experts in networked information retrieval and management based on open standards, and have a eighteen-year history of releasing advanced software components as open source. Their mission is to use their skills and creativity to build bridges between people, technologies and organizations, and to empower information providers to deliver better, more integrated services. For more information, please visit