Metaproxy -- Now with Solr Integration and More

June 22, 2011

Index Data announces the latest release of their Metaproxy software, with important new functionality.

Metaproxy is a general-purpose switching station for searching. It accepts queries in different standards-based protocols, and relay searches to any number of back-ends using both general and platform-specific interfaces. It provides on-the-fly conversions of data, caching, session-sharing, and traffic-regulation functions, to help protect back-end production systems and provide a more robust, efficient front-end. Like most of Index Data’s tools, it is made available as Open Source Software.

Metaproxy can now act as a highly configurable front-end to the Solr/Lucene indexing engine, including query mapping and record transformations. This means it can be used to expose data held in Solr to the numerous Z39.50 and SRU clients already in deployment. At the same time, Metaproxy has been enhanced to act as a gateway to SRU servers, making it possible to provide one single access point for numerous back-end resources.

Information providers often use Metaproxy as a gateway to customers that ask for standards-compliant interfaces. Index Data’s expertise and their long involvement in the standards communities is a guarantee that interoperability with compliant applications will be as seamless as possible. As such, it is the ‘front door’ to some of the largest information resources in the library community.

In addition to this important new functionality, Metaproxy will also integrate smoothly with the database connector platform of Index Data’s commercial MasterKey suite of tools and services. For our customers, MasterKey can become a single access point to thousands of pre-existing databases which can be accessed through standards, private APIs, harvesting/indexing, and screen-scraping. Since this functionality is exposed through standard protocols, MetaProxy will integrate smoothly with existing metasearch/discovery systems, potentially broadening the set of resources that can be accessed at an affordable price. Index Data offers this functionality to libraries, consortia, and to software vendors who desire an easy way to access their information landscape.

Says Index Data’s CTO and chief architect, Adam Dickmeiss: “Metaproxy has been an increasingly visible and sought-after component of our software portfolio over the past few years. When I first envisioned a kind of universal information retrieval switchboard, I did not anticipate how popular and influential the software would eventually become. It is really exciting to be able to roll out so much new functionality in one release.”

About Index Data

Index Data is a software development and consulting enterprise headquartered in Copenhagen and the United States, with offices in several countries. They are experts in networked information retrieval and management based on open standards, and have a seventeen-year history of releasing advanced software components as open source. Their mission is to use their skills and creativity to build bridges between people, technologies and organizations, and to empower information providers to deliver better, more integrated services. For more information, please visit