Pazpar2 1.4.0 Available

We have released Pazpar2 1.4.0.

Pazpar2 may operate in threaded mode. Enabled by element ‘threads’ in the configuration. See pazpar2_conf for details. This functionality is very much in a testing state – we do not recommend that it be deployed in production just yet. This new functionality will allow the system to make better use of multi-CPU systems, and increase scalability, in particular with multiple concurrent users.

New setting setting: pz:max_connections. Setting pz:max_connections is a limit of number of sockets to a given host. When this limit is reached, Pazpar2 will wait up to 5 seconds for a connection to become available. The client will be marked Client_Error when it can not be searched (other clients in a session may work). If pz:max_connections is not set for a target, a value of 30 will be used. Note: the pz:max_connections will only work in threaded mode.

pz2.js: JSON support for the show command. Currently, JSON-support requires the Service Proxy module, which is a part of the MasterKey platform that is made available chiefly for our customers. The purpose of the JSON encoding is primarily to lower the bandwidth footprint and CPU usage in the browser == decoding XML is relatively expensive.

Changes to the page rendering in JSDemo speeds up the client dramatically.

Debian package: Enable default service, default.xml, before starting Pazpar2 only if there is no service already in /etc/pazpar2/services-enabled.