Pazpar2 1.2.2 available

We have been continuing to enhance Pazpar2 at a rapid pace. This new release is available as source and packaged for Ubuntu and Debian Changes since last release:

Command search takes two optional parameters, startecs and maxrecs, that specifies the start offset (0, 1, …) and maximum number of records to fetch for each target.

XSLTs + MARC maps are cached within a session so we don’t re-parse them over and over again. Even for a session with a single search there’s much to be gained because many targets use the same transformation.

The metadata attribute ‘mergekey’ now takes one of three values ‘no’, ‘required’, ‘optional’ .  And the resulting mergekey from metadata is now ordered in the same way as metadata in the service definition. Older Pazpar2 version use the order in which metadata appeared in a record instance.

The search argument ‘filter’ now offers a new operator ~ which does a substring match. The = operator works as before: string match for anything but pz:id, or target match for pz:id.

New setting pz:recordfilter. The value of this setting takes the form name[~value]. This setting makes Pazpar2 ignore all retrieved records that do not have the metadata element name with value substring (if given).

Pazpar2 allows YAZ log level to be set (option -v).