PHP/YAZ is an extension to the popular web server language PHP that implements Z39.50 origin (client) functionality as well as the SRW/SRU protocols.

The following Z39.50 services are supported by this extension: init, search, present, scan and sort. The extension can handle GRS-1, MARC, SUTRS and XML. The module also allows you to convert MARC in ISO2709 to MARCXML on the client side.

The PHP/YAZ extension is part of PHP 4.0.1 and later but has now been moved to PECL. As a PECL module, PHP/YAZ is now independent of PHP versions. It works with both PHP 5 and PHP 7.

New! You can use Index Data’s hosted MasterKey Connect service to easily integrate remote resources that are not directly accessible by Z39.50 or SRU. Simply let us know which resources are of interest to you, and we will set up hosted connectors for you with a SRU/Z39.50 interface. We support most possible access methods, including native APIs, OAI-PMH harvesting, and screenscraping. Now you no longer have to rely on your data providers to support sensible interfaces: MasterKey Connect is the ultimate glue layer for your application.

Visit the PHP/YAZ package page at PECL.

Latest: 1.2.4

Licence: Revised BSD