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Metaproxy is a proxy front-end server that presents a single Z39.50/SRW/SRU front end to multiple back-end database servers. It can also work in conjunction with Index Data’s library of gateways to access non-standard database servers. We like to call it a “metasearch server in-a-box.” It is important to note, however, that Metaproxy is server software and does not have a user interface. It is designed to easily tie into any existing standards-based interface.

Metaproxy combines caching; load balancing; filtering; and cross-database merging of the result set; and other performance-enhancing mechanisms that speed up retrieval. It is designed for integrating multiple back-end databases – within a single organization or across multiple organizations – into what appears from the user’s point of view to be a single searchable resource.

Native support for database access includes Z39.50, SRU, SRW, and the SOLR webservice. New! You can use Index Data’s hosted MasterKey Connect service to easily integrate remote resources that are not directly accessible by Pazpar2. Simply let us know which resources are of interest to you, and we will set up hosted connectors for you with an SRU/Z39.50 interface. We support most possible access methods, including native APIs, OAI–PMH harvesting, and screenscraping. Now you no longer have to rely on your data providers to support sensible interfaces: MasterKey Connect is the ultimate glue layer for your application.


Licence: GPL



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