Here are the main parameters to use if you wish to use a Z39.50 client to access any database using the MasterKey connect. The following example allows you to try out our demo database:

Host name:
Port number: 210
Database name for this test: gutenberg

If you are a MasterKey Connect customer, you would be able to access any database that you have requested access for simply by using the unique database name that we have supplied you with for that database.

Authentication: For this test, use

Username: guest
Password: guest

When you sign up for MasterKey Connect, you will be given a unique username and password to use. This lets us direct you to just your set of databases. If any of your databases require authentication, we can either store them in our configuration, or you can supply them separately when you establish up a Z39.50 or SRU connection.

Record Syntax: Some Z39.50 clients will allow you to specify a record syntax. You can specify either MARC21 or XML. If you specify MARC21, we will attempt to map data fields in a sensible way to MARC fields. Most bibliographic Z39.50 clients should do a decent job of displaying the records. If you specify XML, records will come back using simple tags for title, date, creator, etc.

Below is a sample session using the YAZ Client:

Questions? Just ask!