FOLIO Software Support from the lead architects and developers of FOLIO

A passion for making FOLIO successful

Index Data have been the lead architects and developers on FOLIO since the project started. Our team has contributed code, subject matter expertise and community leadership; we feel a strong sense of ownership for the project’s success. One outcome of our desire to see the project succeed is the creation of our Software Support offering.

Software support for all types of FOLIO sites

We can provide support for the FOLIO software you are running in your library’s computing environment or in our hosted SaaS environment. Our support staff will work with your staff and our developers and devops engineers to triage problems, create fixes and/or patches when needed, and provide support for workarounds if necessary. Any bugs we fix or improvements we make to the FOLIO codebase will be contributed back to the community’s project. In this way your usage of Index Data to support your FOLIO deployment also helps the entire FOLIO community. We offer a few levels of service and can support the standard FOLIO distribution as well as any custom modules, apps and integrations that you might have.

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