Cloud Scaleability and Performance + Secure Hosting + Extensive Monitoring + Software Support

A Complete Solution

We provide a robust, reliable and highly available environment that runs your instance of FOLIO, including any custom modules and all system integrations. We monitor the FOLIO software environment and apply patches on a regularly scheduled basis. We can provide support for loading and exporting content as well as integrating with systems in your library and in your organization.

Our support staff monitor and maintain the computing resources required to ensure your users have access to a fast, secure and up-to-date FOLIO LSP application. Our 24×7 monitoring solution and international staff allow us to provide exceptional support for your FOLIO instance.

Our SaaS offering includes our FOLIO Support Services, so, should a problem arise that requires software fixes our developers are ready and capable of making the necessary changes to get you back up and running and, when needed, provide support for workarounds. Any bugs we fix or improvements we make to the FOLIO codebase are contributed back to the community’s project. In this way, your use of Index Data to support your FOLIO deployment also strengthens the entire FOLIO community.

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