Chapter 4. Proxy Reference

Table of Contents

1. Operating Environment
2. Choosing the Backend Server
3. Keep-alive Facility
4. Query Caching
5. Record Caching
6. Query Validation
7. Record Syntax Validation
8. Other Optimizations
9. Proxy Configuration File
9.1. Proxy Configuration Header
9.2. target
9.3. url
9.4. target-timeout
9.5. client-timeout
9.6. max-sockets
9.7. keepalive
9.8. limit
9.9. attribute
9.10. syntax
9.11. explain
9.12. cql2rpn
9.13. preinit
9.14. target-authentication
9.15. target-charset
9.16. max-clients
9.17. log
9.18. max-connect
9.19. limit-connect
9.20. period-connect
9.21. docpath
10. Proxy Manual Pages
yazproxy — The YAZ toolkit's transparent Z39.50/SRU proxy
11. OtherInformation Encoding
12. YAZ Proxy Configuration Schema

1. Operating Environment

The YAZ proxy is a console program. After startup it spawns a child process (except on Windows or if option -X is given). The child process is the core of the proxy and it handles all communication with clients and servers. The parent process will restart the child process if it dies unexpectedly and report the reason. For options for YAZ proxy, see Section 10, “Proxy Manual Pages”.

As an option, the proxy may change user identity to a less privileged user.