Note: While all of these components can be used independently, some of them can be used with particular benefit to build information discovery portals. For our commercial partners, we also offer MasterKey, our modular enterprise search platform. For libraries, you might also be interested in our hosted MasterKey Express service, which brings together hundreds of Open Access resources, catalogs, subscription resources, etc., all in one attractive search engine.

Name Latest version Description
CQL-Java 1.12 CQL parser for Java
IRSpy 1.00 ZeeRex service description repository and automatic tester
MasterKey: Drupal 1.7 A Drupal module integrating a client side metasearch interface for Pazpar2 and Service Proxy
MasterKey: JavaServer Faces 0.0.6 A JSF library giving access to Pazpar2 commands and responses from the XHTML page.
Metaproxy 1.13.0 Universal search switchboard
MKWS: The MasterKey Widget Set 1.0.0 Easy embedding of our stack for any web UI
Pazpar2 1.13.0 Metasearching middleware
PHPYAZ 1.2.2 Z39.50/SRU client for PHP
SimpleServer 1.23 Z39.50, SRU and SRW front-end server module in Perl
YAZ 5.23.1 Z39.50 toolkit for C
yaz4j 1.5 Java Interface for the ZOOM API of YAZ.
yazpp 1.6.5 C++ Z39.50 toolkit and ZOOM C++ API
yazproxy 1.3.10 Z39.50 proxy and SRU server
Zebra 2.1.3 Search Engine
ZOOM-Perl 1.31 Perl binding for ZOOM