Adam Dickmeiss
Copenhagen, DK

Co-founder of Index Data and chief technical architect. Works with software design and development, including development and maintenance of packages such as YAZ, Pazpar2, and Zebra, as well as custom solutions.

Catherine Esteverena
Massachusetts, US

Assistant to the CEO. Catherine assists Lynn with everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. This includes accounting, travel arrangements, dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s,” editing, and troubleshooting. She loves her job.

Charles Ledvina
Illinois, US

Connector specialist. Works with systems integration in a variety of forms. Charles has nearly two decades of experience in library automation and cataloging.

Charlotte Whitt
Läckeby, SE

Analyst, librarian, with over 20 years’ experience in academic libraries and library institutions working with bibliographic metadata and library systems. Charlotte is doing requirements analysis. Charlotte holds a Master of Information Technology Design, Communication, and Media.

Heikki Levanto
Copenhagen, DK

Heikki has been programming since 1972. Works with special projects and with the development of our core software.

Jakub Skoczen
Copenhagen, DK

Architect and Developer. Jakub works on advanced user interface and metasearch technologies. He holds dual M.Sc degrees in computer science and software engineering.

Jason Skomorowski
Toronto, CA

Software engineer and architect. Jason works in the R&D tower on our Canadian campus. He is a strong advocate of hats and a producer of oxygen.

Kurt Nordstrom
Maryland, US

Software engineer. Kurt is currently working to develop infrastructure for the FOLIO platform. He’s been involved in library software development since 2003. Native Texan stranded in the DC metro area. Husband of one, father of several. Currently holds the record for the biggest hair in Index Data.

Lynn Bailey
Massachusetts, US

CEO and CFO. Lynn is responsible for overall strategic direction, financial management, and execution. She steers the course.

John Malconian
Maine, US

Automation and token BOFH. Infrastructure and plumbing.

Dr. Mike Taylor
Gloucestershire, UK

Mike’s job title is “Software Guy”. He tends to be involved in everything from scoping projects with customers, designing systems and implementing components to writing manuals, giving conference talks and contributing to standardisation processes. In his spare time he is a palaeontologist, specialising in the giant sauropod dinosaurs.

Nassib Nassar
North Carolina, US

Nassib Nassar leads research data management activities at Index Data.  He also provides management support for FOLIO and serves on the FOLIO Product Council.

Niels Erik Gilvad Nielsen
Läckeby, SE

Software engineer. Niels Erik presently works on our enhanced MasterKey platform.

Peter Murray
Ohio, US

Peter Murray is the Open Source Community Advocate at Index Data, and his current activities include building relationships among libraries, organizations, and service providers participating in the FOLIO open source library service platform project. He blogs as the Disruptive Library Technology Jester.

Sebastian Hammer
New Hampshire, US

President and co-founder. Chief strategist, creative person, consultant, requirements capturer, occasional innovator and cheerleader.

Wayne Schneider
Minnesota, US

Support engineer. Wayne works with customers on the MasterKey platform. He has worked in library technology for more than 20 years, being lucky enough to start out when curiosity and the willingness to try something new was enough to make a career out of it. Outside of library work, Wayne is a baseball dad and part-time choral geek.