YAZ  5.23.1
Data Fields
Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest Struct Reference

#include <srw.h>

Data Fields

char * queryType
char * query
int sort_type
union {
   char *   none
   char *   sortKeys
   char *   xSortKeys
char * recordSchema
char * recordPacking
char * packing
char * recordXPath
char * database
char * stylesheet

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file srw.h.

Field Documentation

char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::database

Definition at line 91 of file srw.h.

Referenced by srw_bend_search(), yaz_sru_decode(), yaz_srw_codec(), and yaz_srw_get_pdu().

Z_FacetList* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::facetList
Odr_int* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::maximumRecords
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::none

Definition at line 79 of file srw.h.

Referenced by yaz_srw_codec(), and yaz_srw_get_pdu().

char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::packing
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::query
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::queryType
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::recordPacking
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::recordSchema
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::recordXPath

Definition at line 90 of file srw.h.

Referenced by yaz_get_sru_parms(), yaz_sru_decode(), yaz_srw_codec(), and yaz_srw_get_pdu().

Odr_int* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::resultSetTTL

Definition at line 93 of file srw.h.

Referenced by yaz_get_sru_parms(), yaz_srw_codec(), and yaz_srw_get_pdu().

union { ... } Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::sort
int Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::sort_type
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::sortKeys
Odr_int* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::startRecord
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::stylesheet
char* Z_SRW_searchRetrieveRequest::xSortKeys

Definition at line 81 of file srw.h.

Referenced by yaz_srw_codec().

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