This page describes how to provide access to the open access resources using Z39.50.

Server Address

The server is located at, port 210. The available database names are provided on the preceding page.

Detailed Configuration Information

Each database supports slightly different USE attributes for searching, although all support ‘title’ and ‘any’ searches, and most support ‘author’ and ‘subject’ searches as well. You will find a detailed attribute listing, as well as ZeeRex-based configuration information here.

Other Attributes

All databases support right truncation, as well as regular expression searches. Phrase searching is supported on all fields. Complete subfield searching is supported on the title and author fields (where available). You can attach ‘relation=relevance’ (2=102) to any search term to ask for results in relevance-ranked order. To ensure that all terms are included in the relevance score when performing a boolean search, be sure to attach the relevance attribute to every search term.


All databases support retrieval in MARC21 and XML. For XML, generally two  different element set names are supported: ‘marcxml’ and ‘dc’. For
MARC, field 856 is used to link to the actual resource. Note that the quality and extent of the records may vary — very different cataloging
practices have been used across these resources. We have made some effort to normalize things, but ultimately, you will need to look at the data that comes back from each system, if you want to make the best possible use of the servers.


The easiest way to connect to a server using Z39.50 is to use a client toolkit. Fortunately, the ZOOM specification has made it easy to find similar, easy-to-use APIs in a great number of different programming languages.


If you have questions or comments about this service, please contact us, or join the mailing list..