This page describes how to provide access to the open access resources using SRU.

Server Address

The server is located at, port 80. The available database names are provided on the preceding page.

SRU is Easy

Here’s a very simple SRU request that searches Wikipedia for ‘z39.50’, and returns one record:

Click on the link to see how results are structured. For many more examples, please see SRU is Simple!

Searchable Headings

Each database supports slightly different indexes, but generally, the
DublinCore elements that are present in response records can also be
searched. if you find problems,. or searches that don’t work like you
expect, please contact us or join the mailing list

Other Attributes

All databases support right truncation, as well as regular expression
searches. Phrase searching is supported on all fields. Complete
subfield searching is supported on the title and author fields (where
available). You can attach the relation modifier ‘relevant’ to any
search term to ask for results in relevance-ranked order. To ensure
that all terms are included in the relevance score when performing a
boolean search, be sure to attach the relevance attribute to every
search term.


All databases support retrieval in the record schemas ‘dc’ (default), and
‘marcxml’. Note that the quality and extent of the records vary — very
different cataloging practices have been used across these resources.
We have made some effort to normalize things, but ultimately, you will
need to look at the data that comes back from each system, if you want
to make the best possible use of the servers.


If you have questions or comments about this service, please contact us, or join the
mailing list..