The searchable indexes below expose public domain ebooks, open access digital repositories, Wikipedia articles, and miscellaneous human-cataloged Internet resources.

Through standard search protocols, you can make these resources part of your own information portals, federated search systems, catalogs, etc.

Connection instructions for SRU and Z39.50 are provided.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for resources you would like us to add, please contact us, or consider joining the mailing list. This service is powered by Index Data’s Zebra and Metaproxy .

Database name Description
gutenberg Project Gutenberg.
High-quality clean-text ebooks, some audio-books.
oaister OAIster. A Union catalog of digital resources, chiefly open archives of journals, etc.
oca-all All of the ebooks made available by the Internet Archive as part of the Open Content Alliance (OCA). Includes high-quality, searchable PDFs, online book-readers, audio books, and much more. Excludes the Gutenberg sub-collection, which is available as a separate database.
oca-americana The American Libraries collection of the Open Content Alliance.
oca-iacl The Internet Archive Children’s Library. Books for children from around the world.
oca-opensource Collection of community-contributed books at the Internet Archive.
oca-toronto The Canadian Libraries collection of the Open Content Alliance.
oca-universallibrary The Universal Digital Library, a digitization project founded at Carnegie-Mellon University.
wikipedia Titles and abstracts from Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia.
wikipedia-da The Danish Wikipedia. Many thanks to Fujitsu Denmark for their support for the indexing of the national Wikipedias.
wikipedia-sv The Swedish Wikipedia.

These resources are made available at no charge in the hope that they will be useful. We offer no warranty of any kind on the integrity or
availability of the resources and metadata. Any use of these resources is entirely your own responsibility.

This free service has seen wide use; a testament, we feel, to the value that open content resources can bring to the library community if they can be integrated into specialized services and made part of the information landscape of the library.

On occasion, people have noticed problems and have emailed us about them.  In fact, problems crop up rather consistently with each of the resources.  We have been able to resolve many of them quickly.  Some problems have required more time than we could spare at the moment and so took longer to resolve.  A few problems continue to be outstanding.

With regard to OAIster, OCLC has not yet announced whether or not it will continue to make the aggregated metadata available without restrictions so that we can continue to index it and make it available to the library and research communities.

Tracking and resolving issues with data feeds can be a demanding undertaking.  We try to find time to do this in between working on customer projects and creating new open source software for the community, but it’s not always easy to find sufficient time.

We appreciate the interest that has been shown in this service.  We would like nothing better than to be able to keep it up and running reliably, as well as to expand it to additional open content.  We welcome other vendors and libraries to partner with us to help keep this service reliable and extend it to additional resources.  Please comment below or email us with your suggestions.