YAZ  5.23.1
Data Fields
yaz_facet_attr Struct Reference

#include <facet.h>

Data Fields

int errcode
char * errstring
const char * useattr
char useattrbuff [30]
int sortorder
int limit
int start

Detailed Description

A helper structure to extract all the attribute stuff from one Z_AttributesList for facets. The pointers will all be to the Z-structures, or to constants, so there is no need to worry about freeing them

Definition at line 53 of file facet.h.

Field Documentation

int yaz_facet_attr::errcode
char* yaz_facet_attr::errstring
int yaz_facet_attr::limit
int yaz_facet_attr::sortorder
int yaz_facet_attr::start
const char* yaz_facet_attr::useattr
char yaz_facet_attr::useattrbuff[30]

Definition at line 59 of file facet.h.

Referenced by useattr(), yaz_facet_attr_get_z_attributes(), and yaz_facet_attr_init().

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