YAZ  5.23.1
Data Fields
Z_External Struct Reference

structure for all known EXTERNALs More...

#include <prt-ext.h>

Data Fields

char * descriptor
int which
union {
   Odr_any *   single_ASN1_type
   Odr_oct *   octet_aligned
   Odr_bitmask *   arbitrary
   Z_SUTRS *   sutrs
   Z_ExplainRecord *   explainRecord
   Z_ResourceReport1 *   resourceReport1
   Z_ResourceReport2 *   resourceReport2
   Z_PromptObject1 *   promptObject1
   Z_GenericRecord *   grs1
   Z_TaskPackage *   extendedService
   Z_ItemOrder *   itemOrder
   Z_DiagnosticFormat *   diag1
   Z_Espec1 *   espec1
   Z_BriefBib *   summary
   Z_OPACRecord *   opac
   Z_SearchInfoReport *   searchResult1
   Z_IUUpdate *   update
   Z_DateTime *   dateTime
   Z_UniverseReport *   universeReport
   Z_Admin *   adminService
   Z_IU0Update *   update0
   Z_OtherInformation *   userInfo1
   Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation *   charNeg3
   Z_PromptObject1 *   acfPrompt1
   Z_DES_RN_Object *   acfDes1
   Z_KRBObject *   acfKrb1
   Z_MultipleSearchTerms_2 *   multipleSearchTerms_2
   Z_InternationalString *   cql
   Z_OCLC_UserInformation *   oclc
   Z_PRPersistentResultSet *   persistentResultSet
   Z_PQueryPersistentQuery *   persistentQuery
   Z_PQSPeriodicQuerySchedule *   periodicQuerySchedule
   Z_ESExportSpecification *   exportSpecification
   Z_EIExportInvocation *   exportInvocation
   Z_FacetList *   facetList

Detailed Description

structure for all known EXTERNALs

Definition at line 58 of file prt-ext.h.

Field Documentation

Z_DES_RN_Object* Z_External::acfDes1

Definition at line 134 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_KRBObject* Z_External::acfKrb1

Definition at line 136 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_PromptObject1* Z_External::acfPrompt1

Definition at line 133 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_Admin* Z_External::adminService

Definition at line 128 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by create_admin_package().

Odr_bitmask* Z_External::arbitrary

Definition at line 106 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_CharSetandLanguageNegotiation* Z_External::charNeg3
Z_InternationalString* Z_External::cql
Z_DateTime* Z_External::dateTime

Definition at line 126 of file prt-ext.h.

char* Z_External::descriptor
Z_DiagnosticFormat* Z_External::diag1
Odr_oid* Z_External::direct_reference
Z_Espec1* Z_External::espec1

Definition at line 120 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_ExplainRecord* Z_External::explainRecord

Definition at line 110 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_EIExportInvocation* Z_External::exportInvocation

Definition at line 145 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_ESExportSpecification* Z_External::exportSpecification

Definition at line 144 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_TaskPackage* Z_External::extendedService

Definition at line 116 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by handle_Z3950_es_response().

Z_FacetList* Z_External::facetList
Z_GenericRecord* Z_External::grs1

Definition at line 115 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by return_record_wrbuf(), and z_ext_record_oid_nmem().

Odr_int* Z_External::indirect_reference
Z_ItemOrder* Z_External::itemOrder

Definition at line 118 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by ZOOM_package_send(), and ztest_esrequest().

Z_MultipleSearchTerms_2* Z_External::multipleSearchTerms_2

Definition at line 137 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_OCLC_UserInformation* Z_External::oclc

Definition at line 139 of file prt-ext.h.

Odr_oct* Z_External::octet_aligned
Z_OPACRecord* Z_External::opac

Definition at line 122 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by return_record_wrbuf().

Z_PQSPeriodicQuerySchedule* Z_External::periodicQuerySchedule

Definition at line 143 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_PQueryPersistentQuery* Z_External::persistentQuery

Definition at line 142 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_PRPersistentResultSet* Z_External::persistentResultSet

Definition at line 140 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_PromptObject1* Z_External::promptObject1

Definition at line 114 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_ResourceReport1* Z_External::resourceReport1

Definition at line 112 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_ResourceReport2* Z_External::resourceReport2

Definition at line 113 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_SearchInfoReport* Z_External::searchResult1

Definition at line 124 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by ZOOM_handle_search_result().

Odr_any* Z_External::single_ASN1_type
Z_BriefBib* Z_External::summary

Definition at line 121 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_SUTRS* Z_External::sutrs

Definition at line 109 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by return_record_wrbuf(), z_ext_record_oid_nmem(), and ztest_esrequest().

union { ... } Z_External::u
Z_UniverseReport* Z_External::universeReport

Definition at line 127 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_IUUpdate* Z_External::update

Definition at line 125 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by create_update_package(), es_response_taskpackage(), and ztest_esrequest().

Z_IU0Update* Z_External::update0

Definition at line 130 of file prt-ext.h.

Z_OtherInformation* Z_External::userInfo1

Definition at line 131 of file prt-ext.h.

Referenced by yaz_decode_init_diag(), and zget_init_diagnostics().

int Z_External::which

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