YAZ  5.23.1
Data Fields
ZOOM_connection_p Struct Reference

#include <zoom-p.h>

Data Fields

enum oid_proto proto
char * host_port
int error
char * addinfo
char * diagset
int state
int mask
int reconnect_ok
ODR odr_in
ODR odr_out
ODR odr_print
ODR odr_save
char * buf_in
int len_in
char * buf_out
int len_out
char * proxy
char * tproxy
int proxy_mode
char * charset
char * lang
char * cookie_out
char * cookie_in
char * client_IP
char * sru_version
char * user
char * group
char * password
int url_authentication
int async
int support_named_resultsets
int last_event
int maximum_record_size
int preferred_message_size
ZOOM_task tasks
ZOOM_options options
ZOOM_resultset resultsets
ZOOM_Event m_queue_front
ZOOM_Event m_queue_back
zoom_sru_mode sru_mode
int no_redirects
yaz_cookies_t cookies
char * location
int log_details
int log_api
WRBUF saveAPDU_wrbuf
int expire_search
int expire_record

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file zoom-p.h.

Field Documentation

char* ZOOM_connection_p::addinfo
int ZOOM_connection_p::async
char* ZOOM_connection_p::buf_in

Definition at line 80 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by do_read(), ZOOM_connection_create(), and ZOOM_connection_destroy().

char* ZOOM_connection_p::buf_out
char* ZOOM_connection_p::charset
char* ZOOM_connection_p::client_IP
char* ZOOM_connection_p::cookie_in
char* ZOOM_connection_p::cookie_out
yaz_cookies_t ZOOM_connection_p::cookies
COMSTACK ZOOM_connection_p::cs
char* ZOOM_connection_p::diagset
int ZOOM_connection_p::error
int ZOOM_connection_p::expire_record

Definition at line 126 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by ZOOM_memcached_add(), ZOOM_memcached_configure(), and ZOOM_memcached_init().

int ZOOM_connection_p::expire_search
char* ZOOM_connection_p::group
char* ZOOM_connection_p::host_port
char* ZOOM_connection_p::lang
int ZOOM_connection_p::last_event

Definition at line 101 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by ZOOM_connection_create(), and ZOOM_connection_get_event().

int ZOOM_connection_p::len_in

Definition at line 81 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by do_read(), and ZOOM_connection_create().

int ZOOM_connection_p::len_out
char* ZOOM_connection_p::location
int ZOOM_connection_p::log_api
int ZOOM_connection_p::log_details
ZOOM_Event ZOOM_connection_p::m_queue_back
ZOOM_Event ZOOM_connection_p::m_queue_front
int ZOOM_connection_p::mask

Definition at line 73 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by do_write_ex(), ZOOM_connection_last_event(), and ZOOM_event_nonblock().

int ZOOM_connection_p::maximum_record_size
int ZOOM_connection_p::no_redirects

Definition at line 112 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by handle_http(), and ZOOM_connection_create().

ODR ZOOM_connection_p::odr_in
ODR ZOOM_connection_p::odr_out
ODR ZOOM_connection_p::odr_print
ODR ZOOM_connection_p::odr_save
ZOOM_options ZOOM_connection_p::options
char* ZOOM_connection_p::password
int ZOOM_connection_p::preferred_message_size
enum oid_proto ZOOM_connection_p::proto
char* ZOOM_connection_p::proxy
int ZOOM_connection_p::proxy_mode
int ZOOM_connection_p::reconnect_ok
ZOOM_resultset ZOOM_connection_p::resultsets
WRBUF ZOOM_connection_p::saveAPDU_wrbuf
zoom_sru_mode ZOOM_connection_p::sru_mode

Definition at line 111 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by handle_http(), send_srw(), ZOOM_connection_connect(), and ZOOM_handle_sru().

char* ZOOM_connection_p::sru_version
int ZOOM_connection_p::state
int ZOOM_connection_p::support_named_resultsets

Definition at line 100 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by Z3950_send_search(), ZOOM_connection_create(), and ZOOM_handle_Z3950_apdu().

ZOOM_task ZOOM_connection_p::tasks
char* ZOOM_connection_p::tproxy
int ZOOM_connection_p::url_authentication

Definition at line 97 of file zoom-p.h.

Referenced by ZOOM_connection_connect(), ZOOM_connection_create(), and ZOOM_srw_get_pdu().

char* ZOOM_connection_p::user

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