YAZ  5.23.1
querytowrbuf.c File Reference

Convert Z39.50 Z_Query to PQF (as WRBUF string) More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <yaz/logrpn.h>
#include <yaz/querytowrbuf.h>
#include <yaz/oid_db.h>

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void yaz_encode_pqf_term (WRBUF b, const char *term, int len)
static void yaz_attribute_element_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_AttributeElement *element)
static const char * complex_op_name (const Z_Operator *op)
static void yaz_attributes_to_wrbuf (WRBUF w, const Z_AttributeList *al)
static void yaz_apt_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt)
static void yaz_rpnstructure_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_RPNStructure *zs)
void yaz_rpnquery_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_RPNQuery *rpn)
void yaz_query_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_Query *q)
void yaz_scan_to_wrbuf (WRBUF b, const Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const Odr_oid *attrbute_set)
void wrbuf_diags (WRBUF b, int num_diagnostics, Z_DiagRec **diags)
void yaz_facet_list_to_wrbuf (WRBUF w, const Z_FacetList *fl)

Detailed Description

Convert Z39.50 Z_Query to PQF (as WRBUF string)

Definition in file querytowrbuf.c.

Function Documentation

static const char* complex_op_name ( const Z_Operator op)
void wrbuf_diags ( WRBUF  b,
int  num_diagnostics,
Z_DiagRec **  diags 
static void yaz_apt_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_AttributesPlusTerm zapt 
static void yaz_attribute_element_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_AttributeElement element 
static void yaz_attributes_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  w,
const Z_AttributeList al 
void yaz_encode_pqf_term ( WRBUF  b,
const char *  term,
int  len 

Definition at line 19 of file querytowrbuf.c.

References wrbuf_putc.

Referenced by ccl_prterm(), yaz_apt_to_wrbuf(), and yaz_rpnstructure_to_wrbuf().

void yaz_facet_list_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  w,
const Z_FacetList fl 
void yaz_query_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_Query q 
void yaz_rpnquery_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_RPNQuery rpn 
static void yaz_rpnstructure_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_RPNStructure zs 
void yaz_scan_to_wrbuf ( WRBUF  b,
const Z_AttributesPlusTerm zapt,
const Odr_oid attrbute_set 

Definition at line 243 of file querytowrbuf.c.

References wrbuf_puts(), and yaz_apt_to_wrbuf().

Referenced by process_scanRequest().