Pazpar2 1.2.2 available

We have been continuing to enhance Pazpar2 at a rapid pace. This new release is available as source and packaged for Ubuntu and Debian Changes since last release:

Command search takes two optional parameters, startecs and maxrecs, that specifies the start offset (0, 1, …) and maximum number of records to fetch for each target.


yaz4j is a toolkit for Java which includes a wrapper for the ZOOM API of YAZ. This allows developers to write Z39.50/SRU clients in Java. yaz4j supports both search and scan. See the javadoc for details.

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Java Interface for the ZOOM API of YAZ.

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On eBooks, Users and Libraries

A good, thoughtful post by Carl Grant on the rise of electronic reading, and what it means for users and hence for the libraries that wish to serve them. Carl makes the general point that we as information professionals must pay more attention to the actual needs and wonts of our users -- needs that are surely shifting rapidly under our feet at the moment.

Index Data turns 15

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Copenhagen, Berlin, Gloucestershire (UK), Toronto, Boston, Keene (NH), Chatham (NJ) and West Hartford (CT).

Today Index Data turns 15.  To commemorate our birthday, we are taking a few moments to reflect on the company--where we've been, where we're going, and what our work means to us.

Poor man's screen sharing

Index Data is an international company. There is a small HQ in Copenhagen with 3 developers and the other developers works from their home in England, Germany, Toronto and the northeastern US. [not to mention that many of our customers are also far away from our offices]

Reflections from ALA

So I'm back from a solid week of travels and meetings, and there is time to reflect a bit on our participation in the main ALA conference and trade show which took place last week-end. As a technology vendor, we spend most of our time on the showroom floor or in meetings. I really enjoy ALA; there is a feeling of companionship among the vendors -- perhaps even more so in times of economical hardship.


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