Competition and the Marketplace of Ideas

Recently, my son asked me a series of questions about the cold war, and the political/military paradigm of mutually assured destruction (MAD for short). It’s always seemed like an odd premise to me, and somehow, discussing it with a 13-year old doesn’t make it look any more sensible. However, we came to agree that landing on the moon was a pretty cool thing. Would the lunar landing have happened, realistically, without the cold war?

Borrow Direct Contracts With Index Data and Relais International

December 9, 2009

Borrow Direct - a rapid book request and delivery service for faculty, staff and students of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale is moving to a next-generation software platform to be provided by Relais International and Index Data. Borrow Direct allows patrons to search across the member library catalogs simultaneously and request circulating items directly from any partner library. Expedited request processing and shipping by all libraries guarantees a 2-4 day turnaround.

Pazpar2 1.2.2 available

We have been continuing to enhance Pazpar2 at a rapid pace. This new release is available as source and packaged for Ubuntu and Debian Changes since last release:

Command search takes two optional parameters, startecs and maxrecs, that specifies the start offset (0, 1, …) and maximum number of records to fetch for each target.


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