Index Data’s Integrated Discovery Model

We are often asked about where we stand on the discussion of central indexing versus broadcast metasearching. Our standard answer: “You probably need some of both” always calls for further explanation. Some time ago, I wrote this up for a potential business partner. If it sounds a little like a marketing spiel… guilty as charged. I hope the content will still seem interesting to some folks thinking about these issues. While our specific approach and technology may be ours alone, the technical issues described here are pretty universal.

MasterKey: Drupal

MasterKey: Drupal (MkDru) is an open source module for the Drupal CMS that embeds a fully themable metasearch interface. It can perform queries against one or more Z39.50, SRU/SRW and SOLR targets via Pazpar2, our likewise open search daemon. More sophisticated target management and other functionality can be obtained through integration with the MasterKey platform.

Short Description: 

A Drupal module integrating a client side metasearch interface for Pazpar2 and Service Proxy

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Code4lib 2011 Report -- Part2

Code4lib 2011 in Bloomington, IN – Part2

Good things come to those who wait! Here’s the Code4Lib 2011 Report Part 2. I toyed with the idea of postponing it indefinitely and have you checking impatiently the Index Data’s blog RSS feed but Higher Powers persuaded me otherwise :). Anyway, since there’s still some time until the next edition of our favorite conference you can use this report to refresh your memory or give you a taste of things to come…

Meet us at ALA Annual in New Orleans. Free exhibit passes available.

Index Data will be exhibiting at ALA Annual in New Orleans. Please be sure to drop by and visit us at Booth #515. We love to visit with old friends and new, and ALA is a wonderful place to touch base.

If you’d like to chat, give us a call to set up something in advance, since our schedule tends to get a little crowded during the conference.

Download a free exhibit pass here.

Code4lib 2011 report -- part I

Code4lib 2011 in Bloomington, IN

So it took me a while to process all that happened during the conference and come up with a short summary. I am not aiming to be anywhere near comprehensive, Code4lib grows fast and there’s quite a lot of stuff going on each year! This year’s talks covered a vast selection of subjects, ranging from back-end software topics (databases and search engines with the ubiquitous Solr, tuning, ranking and merging results from different sources) to front-end user

On preferring open-source software

I spent most of last week up in Edinburgh, for the Open Edge conference on open-source software in libraries, attended mostly by academic librarians and their technical people. It was an interesting time, and I met a lot of interesting people. At the risk of overusing the word “interesting”, it was also of interest to see how widespread the deployment of “next-generation OPACs” like VuFind and Blacklight has become.


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