MKWS: The MasterKey Widget Set


This is the MasterKey Widget Set. It provides a way to insert searching and other information-related functionality into existing web pages as small snippets of HTML.

As much of the searching functionality as possible is hosted on so that very simple applications such as can have MasterKey searching with minimal effort.

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Easy embedding of our stack for any web UI

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Index Data Turns 20

Today, it was 20 years ago that Adam Dickmeiss and I founded Index Data together in Copenhagen. There was a bottle of champagne, and our parents shared the moment with us along with our wives, because, honestly, we were little more than big kids at the time. We were a little scared, but we were also in the fortunate position of being young, still without kids or debt. Oh, and our wives had steady jobs. Let the adventure begin!

Adding Discovery and more to Koha with Smart Widgets

In our introduction to Smart Widgets, I said that part of our purpose in developing the technology was to move away from the search box as the primary paradigm for accessing information: To give librarians more tools to organize and present information for their consumers/patrons. But the widgets can also be used to IMPROVE the capabilities of the search boxes that we already have – to offer new functions beyond what your existing software is capable of. In this post, we will show a couple of different examples of how Smart Widgets can be used to add functionality to Koha, but the same principles apply to any system that allows you to customize the HTML structure of a search results page.

Using Smart Widgets to Integrate Information Access

This is the first of a series of blog posts in which we will talk about a concept that we have been developing over the past few years. We call it ‘smart widgets’ to distinguish our approach to widgets from the almost ubiquitous notion of ‘widgets’ meaning little search boxes that you insert into your page, but which ultimately send your users to some remote site.

For Libraries: MasterKey Express -- putting Free Open Content to Work

Hundreds of freely available information resources on the Internet go unused because no one knows about them or has easy access to them. These hidden gems are often overlooked by Google.

Index Data’s newly released MasterKey Express lets your library surface these resources for patrons through a single search box. Give your patrons access to more than 400 databases totaling millions of freely accessible resources, carefully categorized so you can create a precise, directed Discovery experience.


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