Pazpar2 1.1.0 available

A new release of Pazpar2 is available. It’s been awhile, and we have some important new functionality to share.

  • Pazpar2 can now access SRU and SRW targets in addition to Z39.50 ones. This is all thanks to the YAZ ZOOM implementation, which has also brought about significant simplifications to the code.

  • It is now possible to use Pazpar2 with record merging disabled entirely for situations where merging is not appropriate.

  • Original records from each target are stored in the result set and can be accessed from the client code if necessary. This allows, for instance, for full MARC display/download and other features requiring quick access to the unnormalized record.

  • Session timeout can be controlled.

More details, download link, etc., at

In addition to these changes, a Windows binary package is made available to support customers. Pazpar2 is the cornerstone in large-scale commercial and public projects involving broadcast metasearching, and we at ID offer a broad range of assistance to organizations looking to deploy the technology. While Pazpar2 can be and is frequently used on its own, it also forms the heart of our evolving MasterKey suite of technologies, including administration tools, a harvesting engine, and our connector technology, which enables Pazpar2 to search practically any information resource on the web.