Index Data turns 15

Copenhagen, Berlin, Gloucestershire (UK), Toronto, Boston, Keene (NH), Chatham (NJ) and West Hartford (CT).

Today Index Data turns 15.  To commemorate our birthday, we are taking a few moments to reflect on the company--where we've been, where we're going, and what our work means to us.

The year Index Data was formed by Adam Dickmeiss and Sebastian Hammer in a tiny Copenhagen office, Linus Torvalds released version 1.0 of the Linux kernel, and the World Wide Web barely surpassed telnet in popularity.  We have all come a long way since those days.  Today, Index Data is a 12 person development and consulting resource, with a focus on innovation, performance, and pursuing whatever new possibilities are opened up by new generations of technology, all in support of information discovery.

While we still maintain a low profile among librarians and most other information professionals, we have become known and respected among developers and technologists for groundbreaking technologies such as Zebra, The YAZ family of tools, IRSpy, Pazpar2, and more recently, the MasterKey metasearch platform.  We are especially proud of our latest development, the Connector Platform, a new technology that is poised to transform both metasearch services and other activities requiring the integration of diverse services.

For 15 years, our primary goals were to enjoy our work, to treat our customers and our community fairly, and to supply world class tools and services to information professionals.  Our journey has not always been easy, but we feel fortunate to have thrived while striving to fulfill these goals. In pursuit of these goals, open systems, open access to information, open source software, and open standards are core values.

Looking forward, we will continue to seek new ways to pack more sophisticated functionality into ever more powerful and easy-to-use software tools. These days, we're exploring, among other things, a tighter, more seamless integration among diverse information resources and methods of access, and we're prototyping innovative development frameworks for user interfaces.    

We want to celebrate our good fortune by acknowledging the information professionals who dedicate their working lives to improving access to information – truly the foundation of a free and vibrant society.  We are proud to be their partner.
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