Custom Software Development

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled developers with decades of experience in information technology and access. Our specialty is tackling big, complex problems and wrapping the solutions within manageable, performant software.

While there are plenty of development teams for hire, we believe that we bring something rare to the table. We’re strong developers, but we are also thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators. We are used to working with technical teams of different sizes and abilities, and rather than enforcing our own culture and models on your business, we seek to organize ourselves around your needs, both from a product development and a production perspective.

We have been releasing tools and software as Open Source Software since the company’s inception more than twenty years ago. Over the years, we have come to learn a lot about what makes for a successful open source project, both technically and socially, and we know where the pitfalls are. We believe that Open Source Software can play an important role in supporting community engagement and in driving innovation, collaboration, and standardization. However, the only thing we are religious about is delivering the greatest possible value for our customers and partners, and software licenses are but one among many variables in putting together a compelling solution.

Index Data is a boutique software development team with unique skills and extensive experience in the areas of information access and systems integration.