MasterKey Express for Open Access and More

Open access to information and content is transforming every aspect of our culture, from the everyday usefulness of Wikipedia to the eponymous publishing movement in academia. Open Access resources arise from countless sources, from government agencies, museums, archives, libraries, and universities – even from commercial organizations.

Open Access: A Challenge and an Opportunity for Libraries
While some open resources are well served by Google, many of them tend to languish in obscurity, part of the ‘deep web,’ which is poorly surfaced by conventional search engines and by conventional library Discovery tools which focus primarily on subscription content.

Many libraries gather lists of useful Open Access sources for their patrons, but wouldn’t it be useful if all of those resources could be easily accessed from a single location? With the right tools, these resources represent a great opportunity—a natural extension to the library’s physical and electronic holdings at near-zero cost.

Affordable Cloud-based Solution
MasterKey Express is an affordable Cloud-based solution for leveraging Open Access content in the library. And the opportunities for enhancements are endless—we can incorporate just about any resource, including local collections and content repositories, library catalogs, and subscription databases—just let us know what you have in mind!

Put Your Patrons in the Driver’s Seat to the Information Highway
MasterKey Express presently includes support for more than 400 popular and specialized Open Access resources, and more are added every week. It enables the librarian to select the resources of interest and organize them into meaningful categories. Patrons can search across resources from a single search box, and receive a unified, relevance-ranked, de-duplicated result list.

MasterKey Express screenshot

Contact us for more information about MasterKey Express and how it can help your library facilitate the use of Open Access content.