For Software Vendors

We offer a broad range of commercially supported software tools in support of information retrieval and processing. If your business deals with metadata or structured data, whether in publishing, libraries, research or industry, we can help. Our services include:

  • Integrated searching across heterogeneous resources: our MasterKey platform is designed to enable searching across multiple distinct, heterogeneous resources, whether locally indexed or remotely accessed through APIs or even screen scraping. Our technology is designed to provide a unified result list across any number of resources and to deliver high performance and maximum functionality.

  • Metadata harvesting: our connector technology can harvest structured metadata from remote resources and deliver results to you as data feeds. You can add hundreds of data streams from practically any source to your product, without worrying about feed development, maintenance, or extraordinary costs.

  • Standard protocol support: we provide tools and expertise to help you support the key standards that enable cross-platform interoperability in the library domain.