For Libraries

Index Data has a long history of helping libraries of all sizes achieve new ways of harnessing information resources to better serve their patrons. Our mission is to use technology to help librarians deliver more kinds of services to their communities.

Expanding the Library’s Information Universe
Our industry-strength software tools enable librarians to expand the library’s information landscape and the services it offers patrons by streamlining access to vast numbers of licensed and open content resources that are difficult to reach and manage using conventional methods.

Cloud-based Solution Affordable to Any Size Library
The Cloud-based MasterKey Express provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to leverage the vast and rapidly evolving universe of open access resources. Beyond this, the possibilities for customization, integration, and mashups are nearly infinite.

Information Retrieval
Ask us what we can do to supercharge your information access strategy. If you have an idea for a new discovery service you’d like to offer your patron, we’d be happy to put our expertise to work towards that goal.

While our suite of programmer’s tools makes us a natural partner for software developers and vendors, we have always enjoyed close collaborations with national and academic libraries, consortia and other library groups with a desire to chart their own course.