MasterKey Express

MasterKey Express is an inexpensive hosted Discovery portal focused exclusively on Open Content. It enables you to expose hundreds of free, open access resources for your patrons. A web console enables you to select resources individually or by category, to customize the experience for your users.

MasterKey Connect

Our hosted Connector service offers an end to end solution for searching across diverse resources. Results can be accessed through external queries sent through a variety of protocols and scraped web interfaces. We provide harvesting, target management and more for a fixed charge per database.

Hosted Services

Our core technologies are based on open, networked APIs, designed to allow for distributed deployment without jeopardizing performance. As more companies move services into the cloud, we increasingly operate components of solutions or entire search portals for our customers. In addition to MasterKey Connect, we can establish customized, hosted solutions to meet any requirements.

Custom Development

We offer custom development services based on our tools, to integrate technology into your application; to enhance our software to meet your needs; or even to create entirely new tools to meet new requirements. Whichever level of involvement, we adapt ourselves and our working style to your needs, to supplement your own technical team in the best possible way.

Integration Consulting and Training

We can help adapt our tools to your needs, and help your team formulate the requirements for the search component of your product. Our team works well with other strongly technical staff and through close collaboration develop a solution that meets all your needs.


You can rely on us. Most of our customers, whether of a custom solution or simply people making use of our open source tools, opt for support and benefit from ready access to our team. As we are a small company of experts, this means you get access to the very same people who develop and maintain the products. Please contact us for more information about our support agreements.