ID Releases Drupal Metasearch Plugin

June 14, 2011

Index Data announces a new Open Source software tool: MKDru, a discovery/metasearch plugin for the popular Drupal Open Source CMS platform. The purpose of the plugin is to allow libraries and others to embed discovery/metasearch functionally directly into their websites.

Available in separate versions for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, the plugin makes it easy to implement sophisticated search interfaces with ranked, merged, and faceted results. The interface can be controlled and ‘themed’ using Drupal’s normal mechanisms. However, programmers can also use the lower-level API of the module to build completely customized functionality. The plugin is designed to maximize its utility in many different settings.

The plugin uses Index Data’s Open Source Pazpar2 platform to search across standards-compliant information sources as well as data indexed using the SOLR/Lucene search engine. Pazpar2 is a highly optimized discovery middleware, supporting parallel searching of remote and local resources. It features result normalization, merging, ranking and sorting, and facets. It will search large numbers of resources in parallel, and allow user interfaces to dynamically display results as soon as they become available, eliminating most of the complaints against previous generations of metasearch solutions.

Some users might be interested in MasterKey, Index Data’s enterprise-class, service-oriented and modular information retrieval platform. MasterKey is based on Pazpar2, but adds a variety of functionality, including dynamic target selection and configuration depending on the user; a web-based admin console for target selection; access to Index Data’s distributed target management system and more than 2,000 pre-defined targets as well as Index Data’s ground-breaking platform for searching HTML-based interfaces; a proxy-mechanism to support seamless end-user access to restricted resources; and an integrated harvester/indexing component to facilitate the seamless integration of metasearch and central indexing.

About Index Data

Index Data is a software development and consulting enterprise headquartered in Copenhagen and the United States, with offices in several countries. They are experts in networked information retrieval and management based on open standards, and have a fifteen-year history of releasing advanced software components as open source. Their mission is to use their skills and creativity to build bridges between people, technologies and organizations, and to empower information providers to deliver better, more integrated services. For more information, please visit