A new release of Pazpar2 is available. It’s been awhile, and we have some important new functionality to share.

  • Pazpar2 can now access SRU and SRW targets in addition to Z39.50 ones. This is all thanks to the YAZ ZOOM implementation, which has also brought about significant simplifications to the code.


August 19, 2009 - West Hartford, CT

The Ohio Library and Information Network (OhioLINK) has contracted with Index Data to implement the first phase of a substantial re-engineering of their discovery services platform.

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Copenhagen, Berlin, Gloucestershire (UK), Toronto, Boston, Keene (NH), Chatham (NJ) and West Hartford (CT).

Today Index Data turns 15.  To commemorate our birthday, we are taking a few moments to reflect on the company--where we've been, where we're going, and what our work means to us.

As you may have noticed, our website isn't the same today as it was yesterday. We have migrated to a new platform, to enable us to better communicate with friends and partners -- through more interesting content, more frequent news updates, and a new blog in which we intend to share nuts-and-bolts information and news of relevance to ourselves and our community. We hope you'll bear with us while we are ironing out the kinks, but if you see something broken or strange, or if you just have something to share, we'd love to hear from you.


We're at booth 4251. As usual, we love touching base with friends, customers, users of our software, or just anyone who's curious about what we do. We'll be showing off our new MasterKey metasearch platform, and talking about our new approach to database connectors.


Please stop by booth 4251 to say hello and find out what we've been up to these past several months.


Relais International and Index Data announce a partnership to offer a next generation standards based Resource Sharing solution. The combination of Index Data’s meta-
search engine with Relais International’s renowned resource sharing software will result in a ‘seamless end to end discovery to delivery’ solution for Resource Sharing.

Users will be able to search simultaneously across multiple catalogs and databases. Once results are displayed, the availability for items of interest will be checked and the


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