What We Do on the Weekend

If you're not the squeamish type, you might be fascinated to watch our senior software guy, Mike Taylor, disassemble a wallaby in his off time. Mike is an excellent software designer, technical writer, primary driver behind the ZOOM and Zthes specifications as well as a long-time participant in the Z39.50 and ZiNG communities. However, he also holds a Ph.D. in paleonthology (because, as he says, everyone should have a hobby), and has attracted some attention in that field as well. The wallaby, we must assume, is taken apart as part of a study in comparative anatomy. To some of us, it merely looks icky. A more ironically disposed writer might observe that a training in paleonthology is helpful to work with certain library standards, but I will just observe that Mike's talent for digging into the meat of a problem has served him well in our field, too.

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...of course I followed the link immediately in search of gory pictures. Thanks for highlighting some of the Index Data team's many talents! PS you neglected to mention that Mike also co-authors the Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week website (cool acronym!)